Are We Going to Do This, or Not?

Are We Going to Do This, or Not?

I made a conscious decision to write my life by deciding how it is I wanted to feel. This wasn't a wake up one morning *knowing* kinda thing, it grew slowly from a series of events and experiences into a concrete, coherent life choice.

I wanted the feeling of FREEDOM, which to me feels like being plucked out of my comfort zone and placed into the world as a willing participant, and not just an observer.

I'd just spent over a year semi-trapped in my home, recovering from an accident that left me with a broken shoulder + a broken kneecap, as well as a broken heart. It was time to break out of the recliner and divorce myself from Netflix. The real world was calling...

Time to "Get a Job"

(Very) recently I pulled my resume together, and updated LinkedIn, but I haven't worked for someone else for almost 20 years. To do so now felt a little bit exciting (ooh! Like one of those movies that takes place in NYC & puts the heroine in an elegant office wearing designer clothing!)... Ha! I'm 54 years old & I can't wear heels further than 20 feet. I'm also too acclimated to my chosen home of Portland, Oregon ~ and I'm more comfy in my Keen's & cotton dresses.

So, what am I good at? What will help people to make their lives better (and make me feel good in return)? What will people pay me to help them with? What can I do from *anywhere*??

Marketing. Sales. Social Media. Branding. Website consulting... I'm a generalist. I LOVE giving you advice on what looks like it's working, and what you need to tweak & shift & change... and just how you can do that.

This part makes sense and I can see clearly how to get it going and make it happen. AND I have the tools to do this from anywhere with just my journal & my MacBook. (It doesn't hurt that I've done it in the past, and I have amazing, motivating friends who are location independent, too).

The next part is... I don't want this to be all about WORK. It's also got to be about Lifestyle. Lifestyle meaning: travel, diet, aging, dating/relationships, parenting, exercising, photography, tarot, minimalism, design, beauty. I’ll most likely share most about my day-to-day adventures, and how I’m managing and financing non-budget travel on a limited budget. (Trust me, I’m not backpacking)!

Life. + Style.

So, yeah. I'm not building a business website here, I'm building MY website, and sharing my life. And I’m nervous as fuck, but moving forward.

Let's DO this!

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